Group Exercise Class & Pass Information

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HIIT Class at 6am and Cardio Barre, Zumba and Muscle Up at 9:15am

If you sign up for an annual membership to the Recreation Center on September 6th or later, you will receive 160 group ex classes as part of your membership. If you have a membership and would like to receive these classes, you can request to cancel your current membership and then sign up for the new one. 

Passes are currently being sold as 15 packs. Passes for members start at $90 for 15 pack   (residents and non residents can also purchase passes at a higher rate) and can be purchased or renewed online at . You may also pay $10 per class if you do not want to commit to a package or membership. 

*1 Hour cancellation policy, please call 440-838-4522 to cancel. No shows will forfeit 1 class from their punch pass* 

Group Exercise Classes

Cardio Barre

High energy class that uses high repetition and low impact exercises to get your heart pumping! Paired with light weights, you are guaranteed a full body workout you won’t want to miss.

Tuesday 9:15am with Andie

Cardio & Core

Torch the calories during class while recruiting muscle to boost the metabolism! A variety of cardio, core and power to start your week off. Remember, never miss a Monday!

Monday 7pm with Cheryl


Our group cycling classes are high energy and low impact cardiovascular workouts that will torch calories and leave you feeling both invigorated and exhausted. Our class accommodates all levels of exercisers from beginners to athletes.  Most classes are 45 minutes. Rider must be at least 4’11’’ tall to ride. What to Bring: a water bottle, a towel for you, and a heart rate monitor (optional).

Tuesday 6pm with Kristin

Saturday 8am with Jerry

Sunday 10am with Kristin

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Burn calories, strengthen your entire body and boost your energy with this 45-minute high energy, heart pumping class that alternates short periods of intense explosive exercise with brief recovery periods, leaving you feeling like a total boss!

Monday & Wednesday 6am with Rinette

Muscle Up

Get leaner, get stronger, get healthier as you ignite your metabolism and incinerate fat. You’ll start with a dynamic warm up and move on to total body strength training to sculpt every muscle group to maximize results.

Tuesday 6:30pm with Cheryl

Friday 9:15am with Sharon

Weights & Cardio Blast

You will reduce fat, improve muscle and cardiovascular strength! This 60 minute class is great for overall fitness and energy. (Seasonal class September 6th – May)

Thursday 6:30pm with Cheryl

Step It Up

This Step program that’s nothing like old-school step aerobics. Elevate your calorie burn with easy to learn step moves that improve leg strength and tone.

Sunday 11am with Cheryl


Perfect for anyone new to yoga, for any yogi looking to refine their alignment, and also for a therapeutic and slower approach to practice. This level provides a solid foundation of the basics of yoga. You will learn how to align the body from the ground up. Classes build week by week, offering students a unique way to grow in their practice. This class offers the perfect foundation to stay safe and confident for a lifetime of practice! No flexibility needed!

Tuesday & Thursday 6pm

Saturday 9am 

with Christine


This Latin-inspired dance fitness class is a combination of high and low intensity routines in a dance party atmosphere! You will tone your body and burn fat through the intervals of high and low moves. Every week the music and moves are a fresh mix of Latin and pop beats and rhythms. All fitness levels are welcome, no dance experience necessary! You will leave energized and feeling great after every class! 

Thursday 9:15am with Melanie

Saturday 9am with Andie 

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Water Exercise Classes

Water Sculpt

A combination of shallow and deep-water exercises to tighten, tone and increase flexibility and balance. Build core strength and cardiovascular health using the water’s resistance. Class is 45 minutes.

Tuesday & Thursday 10:30am with Audrey

Shallow Water Aerobics

Utilize different exercises and routines coupled with mild aerobics, all at the pace and comfort level of each individual. Water exercise improves, flexibility, strengthens muscles and improves balance and coordination. Class is 45 minutes.

Monday 5:30pm with Lynn

Deep Water Aerobics

Participants will enjoy burning calories with cardio and strengthening muscles without impact on the body. With deep water you will have a greater range of motion with fewer limitations. Participants will use a flotation belt and other equipment may be used during class.  Class is 45 minutes.

Wednesday 5:30pm with Lynn

SilverSneakers Classes

Recommended for seniors 65 and older. For more information please visit the Silver Sneakers website.

All classes below are offered at NO CHARGE to SilverSneakers or Renew Active Members. If you don't have SilverSneakers or Renew Active you may purchase a group exercise pass to join the class. 

SilverSneakers Splash– Wednesday 10:00AM-10:45AM, Thursday 8:45AM-9:30AM

This class offers lots of fun and shallow water moves to improve flexibility and cardio endurance. No swimming ability is required, and a special kickboard is used to develop strength, balance and coordination. Class is 45 minutes.

SilverSneakers BOOM Move – Tuesday 9:00AM-9:45AM

A higher intensity dance workout class that improves cardio endurance and burns calories. MOVE is all about breaking a sweat and having fun. The class focuses on cardio endurance by starting with simple dance moves then building into more complex sequences, bringing you a great cardio workout.

SilverSneakers Classic – Monday/Wednesday/Friday 10:15AM - 11:15AM

Have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength and range of movement. Hand weights, and balls are provided along with chair for support.  *Class offered FREE to all members of Broadview Hts Parks & Rec.

Senior Cardio – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9:00AM - 9:45AM 

Get up and Go with an aerobics class for you – safe, hearth healthy, and gentle on the joints. The workout includes easy following, low-impact movement, upper-body strength, abdominal conditioning, stretching and relaxing exercises. A chair is available for support and easy head to toe stretching.

Senior Yoga – Tuesday and Thursday 10:00AM - 10:45AM

This class will move your whole body through a complete series of seated and standing yoga poses. Chair support is offered to safely perform a variety of postures designed to increase flexibility, balance and range of movement. Restorative breathing exercises and a final relaxation will promote stress reduction and mental clarity.